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How to choose an AC unit


What makes a good AC Unit? Tough question, we have to assume that an AC unit is out on the market because it meets some target use. So when we are asking what the best unit is we are asking what is the best unit for your home or business. To answer that there are some things we need to know.

What is a BTU

A BTU is a “British Thermal Unit” is a measure of work required to raise a pound of air’s temperature by one degree. In AC terms it also is a measure of how much work an AC unit can put out per hour. The bigger the space needing to be cooled the more BTUs you need.

Cooling Area

Cooling Area is almost directly related to the BTU. This measurement is the cooling space an AC unit can handle, though this can vary as well. Let’s say you have a room that is always shaded and cooled by a tree. Then your Cooling area might be smaller than your home’s actual square footage.


How loud is the unit? Are you a light sleeper? First, most AC units should be relatively quiet. In fact, if your AC is making a lot of noise you might go ahead and contact us. However, some units are naturally quieter than others.

Energy Efficiency

When we talk about energy efficiency, we are talking about how many WATTs does it take to produce the BTU Rating of the AC unit. Sure a 500 BTU unit is going to use less power than a 10000 BTU unit. What you are looking for is which unit produces 10000 BTUs with fewer WATTs.

Bringing It Together

The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating is the amount of cooling your system will deliver per dollar spent on electricity, as compared to other systems. It takes into account the BTUs and Wattage needed to produce those BTUs.

When you go to decide on a new AC unit know your square footage, know the space that needs to be cooled, find the right BTU and then choose your energy efficiency accordingly using the SEER unit. We at Goode Brothers AC Repair can help streamline this process. Go ahead and contact us today.

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